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Our aim is to provide a safe environment in which to promote our sport, and help everyone to enjoy air-gunning responsibly! We accept all standards of marksmanship and memberships of any age or gender. 

We do ask that any Junior members / visitors (under 12 years) be  accompanied at all times by a guardian / parent.  All members / visitors are covered by the clubs own insurance at every club event and location.

Our facilities include:
Indoor and outdoor venues
PCP recharge point
Club Shop with snacks and drinks
9 Rifles  / 1 Pistol available for rent


Air weapon misuse is a serious concern for the shooting community and society in general.  At Rochdale Air Gun Club we believe that the best way to counter this problem is through education. Statistics show that a young person properly trained in the safe and correct use of guns is very unlikely to offend with one later in life. 

We believe that our policy of educating young people in the safe use of guns instills self discipline, and that remains for life.  Our participation in Game and Country fairs shows the general public the true nature of the shooting community, and helps to dispel the myths generated by the less responsible sections of the media.

Membership prices.

Senior (over 65):  30
Adult:                  40
Junior:                 30

Membership Forms are available to download Here
Contact for more info.

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